ITA Investment - AML Services


ITA Compliance provides independent testing and compliance consulting services to SEC-registered transfer agents throughout the United States. Our clients' businesses vary by the number of employees, types of clients, number of locations, affiliations with other financial services businesses, and regulatory history.

ITA Compliance's services for transfer agents focus on the following areas:

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Testing
  • Controls Testing
  • Policy and Procedures Reviews
  • Mock Examinations and Preparation for Regulatory Visits
  • Custom Examinations and Consulting Projects

Registered transfer agents are required by law and rule to establish certain written procedures to manage and supervise its business. Various tasks performed by transfer agents require logs, journals or schedules (generally described as "forms") to demonstrate rule compliance. Record retention rules require distinct file organization and maintenance. ITA can assess and provide advice on the establishment and maintenance of required records. Some of these records are:

  • Written procedures
  • Registration and annual reporting files
  • Corporate files (issuer files)
  • Processing logs (including exempt report as applicable)
  • Control Book
  • Master Security Shareholder file
  • Lost Security holder (and payee) searches and reporting
  • Escheatment of lost property

For more information about our services including pricing, please complete the online form located here or contact us directly at 617-854-7500.