ITA Compliance provides independent testing and compliance consulting services to Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) throughout the United States. The size of our clients ranges from newly-formed state-registered advisers to SEC-registered advisers with over $20 billion in assets under management. Our clients also vary by the number of investment adviser representatives, custody arrangements, types of investors, types of investment products, brokerage arrangements, affiliations with other businesses, and regulatory history.

ITA Compliance's services for RIAs focus on the following areas:

  • Policies and Procedures Testing
  • Mock Regulatory Examinations
  • Preparation for Regulatory Visits
  • Custom Examinations and Consulting Projects

Policies and Procedures Testing

ITA reviews policies and procedures to determine whether they are adequate, customized to the firm's business, and properly address regulatory requirements. In addition, ITA conducts forensic testing to determine whether the firm is following its internal requirements. Documentation of this review is provided so that the firm can demonstrate its compliance with the state or SEC rules (SEC Rule 206(4)-7) requiring annual or periodic review of the adviser's written compliance policies and procedures.

Mock Regulatory Examinations

These types of examinations are intended to simulate actual regulatory examinations in order to uncover potential problems before they result in regulatory findings. ITA examiners focus on the firm's major risk areas, regulatory priorities, common regulatory findings, and any prior deficiency findings relating to the firm. Our findings and recommendations are communicated to senior management; thus, enabling them to address any compliance program weaknesses and prepare the firm for an actual regulatory examination.

Preparation for Regulatory Visits

When a firm has been notified that it will be examined by the SEC or state, ITA will provide on-site assistance to prepare and organize the documents requested. Our assistance not only prepares the firm for the regulatory examination, but often enables us to bring potential issues to the firm's attention before the exam begins. This advanced preparation and opportunity to reveal and remedy issues often results in a more favorable examination outcome.

Other RIA Projects

ITA Compliance assists RIAs with other regulatory compliance projects such as testing of specific compliance procedures (i.e., best execution, privacy, information security, fee billing) and by satisfying regulatory enforcement actions requiring the hiring of an independent consultant.

For more information about our services including pricing, please complete the online form located here or contact us directly at 617-854-7500.